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GWD Bike Wash/Professional Bicycle Wash

What is GWD Bike Wash?


It is the only device in the market designed to wash all types of bicycles (mountain bikes, Downhill, Road, MTB…) With an automatic and effortless washing system, it elevates the bike thanks to a mobile platform. Thanks to our innovative ideas and the technical contents of our machine, we obtained a European industrial patent in 2013, with 16 patent claims in the engineering field. Compact, lightweight, transportable, easy to use, with a fully stainless steel and aluminum frame, the GWD Bike Wash has 6 mobile washing devices with great cleaning results.


This washing system is efficient thanks to perfectly directed water jets and moving continuous, continuous movement, which do not damage the mechanical elements of the bicycles. The Machine uses a PLC with a simple interface, controlled by a touchscreen. You can select different washing programs that can last from 3 to 6 minutes, depending on the type of bicycles. After many development and engineering tests, we obtained a machine that cleans and at the same time protects bicycles with various functionalities:


Washes with the proper dosage of detergent, low pressure and high-speed water jets and always on the move, finishing with rinsing and drying. GWD Bike Wash is a machine manufactured entirely in Italy with high engineering washing devices and which is equipped with a water recycling system. Depending on the customer’s choices, you can also customize the machine itself: the color, programming of the software according to the specific needs of each operator, the coin receiver and smaller accessories such as the pump to fill tires, the air gun or The tool pane


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