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What is Parkis?

PARKIS is a simple and smart solution for bicycle parking. It is completely mechanical and magically lifts your bike without any physical exertion. It is an ideal bicycle park that saves space in your home, office, garage, porch or in any shelter. It’s easy to install anywhere and fun to use everyday!


A little more about the product

Space Saving

Vertical parking for bicycles saves space and arranges your living or working area. PARKIS makes it easy

With the application of the “Universal Mouting Extension” It is possible to reduce the space between bicycles, thus achieving a greater number of bicycles in a short space.

In a space of 100 meters in length, it will be possible to park 100 bicycles, with a handle of 80cm, in a comfortable way. (we recommend 20cm of free space between handlebars).

With the “Universal Mouting Extension” application, in the same 100 meters in length, it is possible to park 199 bicycles with 80cm handlebars.

L – Handlebar Length
C – Space Between “PARKIS”


The PARKIS Team believes that bike parking should not only be comfortable and easy, but must also look like. The product speaks for itself.

3 Available Models



The accessories allow for greater flexibility when installing PARKIS: hangs the bike, saving extra space, adopting uneven or complicated surfaces, avoiding footers, installing the 45 º relative to the angle of the wall, etc.

Extension Bracket Set

One set includes 2 units of extension brackets to install PARKIS on a wall with skirting. Includes all required screws and installation guide. This stand allows you to install the PARKIS, at a distance of 2.5 cm from the wall, avoiding the skirting as an obstacle.



An accessory for the installation of PARKIS in public places. Allows you to lock a bicycle Protects PARKIS from unintentional damage. Made of stainless steel. Installation Guide

Angle extension Set

Accessory of angle extension set is designed to mount PARKIS at 45 º angle to the wall. It Allows you to park bicycles conveniently in different locations/situations.

PARKIS can be used with the most popular bikes.

To consider:

  • The width of the tire max. 61 mm (2.4 “);
  • The rim + total height of the tire max. 77 mm (3.0 “);
  • Wheel diameter 61 cm (24 “) or higher;
  • Front axle weight up to 15 kg
  • The ends of the mudguards must be above the wheel axis – This can be checked by pushing the rear wheel of the bicycle against a wall. If the wheel (not the mudguard) touches the wall – The bicycle engages the PARKIS.

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